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Amerisleep Mattresses Review

Whether you are looking for a reliable mattress that offers pressure relief and tackles back pain, one with excellent cooling properties, or a luxurious hybrid mattress, Amerisleep has you covered. This U.S. manufacturer provides different premium memory foam mattresses Explore the options and their features.

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Amerisleep has been on the market since 2010 and it has constantly delivered quality products and good customer support ever since. The company prides itself on the comfort its mattresses provide thanks to their excellent contouring. There are different foam mattress models to choose from, each having distinctive features that make it suitable for a certain sleeper type.

·         AS2, the company’s best-value mattress, offers great cooling and support

·         AS3, the top-selling mattress, offers enhanced pressure relief and comfort

·         AS3 Hybrid, the company’s hybrid mattress, provides sturdy support

·         AS5, the softest Amerisleep mattress, offers cushioning comfort and good bounce.

First Impressions

1.      Feel & Firmness

Amerisleep’s mattresses offer three types of firmness:

·         AS2: medium to firm

·         AS3: medium

·         AS3 Hybrid: medium

·         AS5: plush

The AS2, AS3, and AS3 Hybrid mattresses all measure 12 inches in thickness. These mattresses are good for most sleepers’ preferences as they feel neither too soft, nor too rigid. The plushiest Amerisleep mattress is the luxury A5 mattress that measures 14 inches in thickness. If you like more cushioning, this mattress is an excellent choice, however, it also comes with a higher price tag as it is the company’s premium model. The A5 features four layers of memory foam, a durable base foam, the company’s proprietary cooling technology, Bio-Pur® memory foam, and the responsive and supportive Active Flex foam.

2.      Edge Support

Amerisleep foam mattresses offer average edge support. They can help you rest close to the bed’s edge since the Bio-Care support foam is firm enough to prevent sinkage. However, if you’re looking for a stiffer mattress that has enhanced support around the edges, you might want to consider the hybrid mattresses AS3 Hybrid. These mattresses offer the best edge support since they feature firm coil edge support on both sides to enable sleepers to easily get in and out of bed.

3.      Motion Isolation

Most Amerisleep mattresses types perform quite well in terms of motion isolation. Thanks to their quality memory foam, motion transfer is kept to a minimum, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep when someone else rests by your side, without disturbing each other. The pocketed coils technology found in the hybrid Amerisleep mattresses is another feature that enhances motion isolation. 

4.      Bounce

Depending on the mattress model you choose, you can enjoy more or less bounce. Since these mattresses are made of memory foam, they don’t offer as much bounce as innerspring models. However, if you want enhanced bounciness, the AS5 is the best choice. This mattress with supportive Active Flex is the company’s springiest model.  

5.      Mattress Construction

Amerisleep offers CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam mattresses. These are made of the company’s proprietary foam, the Bio-Pur®, which features a large, open-cell structure. This material ensures different benefits, including enhanced airflow and reduced heat build-up. This foam also contours the body very well, offering a comfortable sleep and relieving pressure points. Besides, Amerisleep mattresses are also partially made from renewable materials.

6.      What Medical Conditions Does the Mattress Support?

No matter what mattress model you choose, Amerisleep manages to offer reliable support that helps you alleviate back, neck, or shoulder pain. The Hybrid mattress, for example, offers proper body alignment thanks to its pocketed coil system. The AS5 is also an excellent choice if you’re looking for enhanced support. Its pressure-relieving memory foam makes it ideal for combo or heavy sleepers.

Delivery, Sleep Trial, Returns

Amerisleep offers free and fast shipping in the U.S., the typical 100-nigh free trial, and a 20-year warranty. Delivery times usually take up to seven business days for the contiguous U.S. For customers based elsewhere, the company accepts any freight forwarder that operates in the U.S. The shipping arrangements and related costs are the customer’s responsibility for customers based outside the U.S. You can return your mattress for free if, during the trial period, you decide you don’t like it. For this, you have to let 30 days pass, otherwise, you incur a $99 early processing fee.

Social & Environmental Impact

To minimize its impact on the environment, Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur® foam is partially made by using renewable plant-based oil, which differentiates it from mainstream memory foam mattresses that are petroleum-based. Moreover, these mattresses don’t contain dangerous substances such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, lead, ozone depleters, or prohibited phthalates.

Prices & Size Listings

One of the features that might make Amerisleep the best mattresses for your needs is the possibility to split payments. You can pay in four installments for orders under $1,000. If your order exceeds this limit, you can choose to finance larger payments and get terms of six, 12, or 18 months, with a 0% APR. To offer these payment options, the company partnered with Klarna. You can check out the rates on the website and customize your payment program. Klarna will notify you each month when your payment’s due date is approaching.

The company offers the following sizes

·         Twin Size 38" x 75"

·         Twin XL Size 38" x 80"

·         Full Size 53" x 75"

·         Queen Size 60" x 80"

·         King Size 76" x 80"

·         Cal King Size 72" x 84"

·         Split King 38" x 80"(x2)

The prices differ on a size and model basis. Here are the current promotional and full prices for the AS3 model:

·         Twin Size: $1149, $849 (with promo)

·         Twin XL Size $1199, $899 (with promo)

·         Full Size $1349, $1049 (with promo)

·         Queen Size $1399, $1099 (with promo)

·         King Size $1899, $1449 (with promo)

·         Cal King Size $1649, $1399 (with promo)