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Douglas Mattresses Review

Douglas won the Canadian Living Best Mattress Choice award in 2022. According to its claims, the company sold mattresses to over 100,000 Canadians. Douglas offers quality mattresses at affordable prices starting as low as $599. Discover their features and benefits in this unbiased Douglas review.

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Douglas was founded in 2009 and it is currently the largest online mattress company in Canada. The company was founded for the Canadian audience, unlike many of its competitors who choose to focus more on the American market. Douglas is based in Western Canada. The company’s innovator is the co-founder Sam Prochazka. He spent months in research looking for the best materials from Canadian manufacturers to design the Douglas mattress. Besides mattresses, the company also offers mattress protectors, mattress foundation, adjustable beds, and sateen cotton sheets. Douglas offers two mattresses – the Douglas and the Douglas RV mattress, which is designed for three RV sizes.

First Impressions

Here are some of the aspects to take into account if you consider a Douglas mattress

1. Feel & Firmness

Douglas mattresses have a medium firmness mattress, which makes them ideal for most sleepers who like a mattress that’s neither too stiff nor has too much sinkage. The Douglas mattress contours well to the shape of the body and feels soft thanks to its multi-layer surface. 

2. Edge Support

The Douglass features enhanced edge support. It has minimum sinkage while getting in and out of bed or sleeping close to the edge. This makes it a good choice for the elderly or people who have trouble getting out of bed due to a medical condition. It is also good for couples sharing the bed as each person might sleep closer to the edge.

3. Motion Isolation

According to the company’s website, this mattress outperformed 50 competitors in terms of motion isolation in tests carried out by a team of engineers commissioned by These mattresses have a support area and a responsive foam layer that isolate motion as you move or get in and out of bed, so your partner can sleep without being disturbed by motion or noise.

4. Bounce

Douglass features an Elastex® transition layer that aims to offer the right blend of spring and support. This ensures a bit of bounce to help you move easily in your sleep without making the mattress too springy. You might like this if you usually have problems falling back to sleep when your partner moves and wakes you up. However, if you prefer a little more bounciness, you might want to look for a different mattress.

Mattress Construction

The technology behind the Douglas mattresses is the Douglas’ ecoLight®️ foam. This material has the same longevity as high-density memory foam while being a lighter, more breathable, and eco-friendly solution. Another environmentally-friendly material this manufacturer uses is the Tencel®️ fiber, a biodegradable material that’s made of renewable wood and is present in the cover. 

The Douglas mattress was carefully designed to suit most sleeper types. It is made of different foam layers, each providing specific advantages. The three layers are

  • A 2” Luxury ecoLight® cooling gel foam layer that draws moisture and sleeps cool
  • A 2” Elastex® layer that offers support and responsiveness
  • A 6” Motion isolation support foam that reduces motion transfer and offers edge support

5. What Medical Conditions Does the Mattress Support?

Douglas mattresses are firm enough to offer sufficient support and help people with back, neck or joint pain sleep comfortably. They are designed to help sleepers achieve proper spine alignment, which is key to reducing the pressure built during the day and waking up fresh and rested in the morning. Thanks to its quality foam and multiple layers, this mattress provides the right surface for joint, spine, and neck pain no matter what sleep position you adopt.

According to the manufacturer, this mattress covers all sleeper types:

  • Side sleepers get supportive spinal alignment
  • Back sleepers enjoy balanced support
  • Stomach sleepers benefit from pressure-point relief

Delivery, Sleep Trial, Returns

Douglas offers free shipping and returns to most locations. A shipping fee only applies to remote areas. The shipping time usually varies from one to five days. The company will organize the return process if you no longer want your mattress. There is a 120-nigh trial that has a 30-night break-in period, which means you need to keep the mattress for this period before you are allowed to return it and get a full refund. After the mattress is picked up, the company will issue the refund, the waiting time to return a mattress will vary based on your location.  

Social & Environmental Impact

This company’s environmental commitment consists of four elements

  • Less carbon: Douglas designs its patented foam by producing up to 40% fewer carbon emissions compared to mainstream mattresses; 
  • Better materials: Douglass prides itself on its sustainable materials, such as the biodegradable Tencel®️ fiber that’s made using a closed-loop process, which ensures almost zero waste;
  • Cleaner energy: the company manufactures its products only in Canada, thus avoiding transportation and any other processes that would increase its carbon footprint;
  • Local Shipping: Douglas optimizes shipping by using smaller boxes, which means fewer vehicles and less fuel wasted. The company relies on local movers for the return process.

Douglas also has a donation program. As much as possible, it uses this program to donate returned mattresses to local charities.

Prices & Size Listings

These are the sizes Douglas offers

  • Twin (38" W x 75" L x 10" H)
  • Twin XL (38" W x 80" L x 10" H)
  • Double (53" W x 75" L x 10" H)
  • Queen (60" W x 80" L x 10" H)
  • King (76" W x 80" L x 100" H)
  • California King (72" W x 84" L x 10" H)

The prices for the Douglas Mattress are

  • Twin: $619 CAD
  • Twin XL: $649
  • Double: $679
  • Queen: $779
  • King: $869
  • California King: $869