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Emma Mattress Review

Emma prides itself on being Canada’s most awarded and best-reviewed mattress. Moreover, it offers discounts of up to 50% and the possibility to save up to $1050 when buying a mattress. These are the first things that will grab your attention if you check out the company’s website. Explore these mattresses in depth in this Emma review.

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Emma was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. The company is now present in 22 countries on five continents. It became the fastest-growing start-up in Germany and Europe after its launch. Emma’s core mission is to deliver a better sleep experience worldwide. The company manufactures German-engineered mattresses locally, thus protecting the economy of each country it serves. The company has 300+ employees of 30 nationalities. Except for some of the best mattresses types, Emma also offers bed frames, pillows, and bedding. Emma boasts over 75 product awards.

First Impressions

1.      Feel & Firmness

As the company states on its website, its mattresses offer medium firmness. This firmness is ideal for most sleeper types. However, heavier people might feel that the Emma mattress is slightly too soft and needs more support.

2.      Edge Support

The experts at Emma also thought about people who find it hard to get in and out of bed when designing this mattress. To make it easier for them to use the mattress, they provide the product with a reinforced perimeter, which enhances edge support. This makes it easy to sit up in the morning and also prevents agitated sleepers from falling off the bed.

3.      Motion Isolation

Emma mattresses are specially designed to minimize motion, which they manage to do quite well thanks to the high-quality motion isolation foam. This helps light sleepers enjoy good and restful sleep even if their partners move a lot. Motion won’t be transferred from the other side of the bed.  

4.      Bounce

Since this is a memory foam mattress, it doesn’t provide the same bounciness you would find in an innerspring or hybrid mattress. However, this responsive mattress does offer a slight bounce.

5.      Mattress Construction

Emma mattresses enjoy CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® certifications, which shows they are safe, industry-leading products. These mattresses are Class I  (16.0.93305) of Standard 100 according to the OEKO-TEX® classification. They are 100% vegan and free of animal-based materials. Moreover, the company also prides itself on having revolutionized the way people sleep thanks to its cooling and adaptable AIRGOCELL® foam technology that sleeps cool and provides enhanced comfort.

The mattresses are covered with breathable protectors that provide Tri-Protect™ Action, they:

  • Prevent liquids from penetrating the mattress (thanks to the polyurethane layer)
  • Reduce allergies by up to 93.7% (thanks to the Purotex® technology)
  • Enhance the mattresses’ lifespan

These mattresses also have reversible toppers that are made of three layers:

  • A plush UltraDry® Cover,  which is the main cover
  • A layer of breathable AIRGOCELL® Foam, which is the soft side
  • A layer of Pressure-Equalizing HRX Supreme® Foam, the firm side

This detachable and reversible topper prolongs the product’s lifespan as you can use it on both sides. It also allows you to customize the mattress by choosing the firm or soft side. Its Plush UltraDry®cover is made of 99% Polyester and 1% Elastane.

6.      What Medical Conditions Does the Mattress Support?

The Emma mattress is designed by specialists who aimed to tackle the problem of painful pressure points. These mattresses have a pressure-relieving 3-zone design that’s made for all body types. The mattress can adapt to different weights and curves, and offer proper support and spine alignment to relieve pressure. The Emma mattress can adjust to the sleeper’s hips, shoulders, or knees, thus alleviating the pain in these key points or annoying back pain. The recommended weight to enjoy the full benefits of this mattress is between 50 and 130 kilograms.

Delivery, Sleep Trial, Returns

Emma offers a 365-night free trial. Unlike other mattress companies, Emma only requires you to use the mattress for 21 days before you can return it for free. If you want to return the mattress after this period, you have to reach out to customer care by chat, email (support@emma-sleep.ca), or phone (+1-888-585-3662) to arrange the return. After successfully returning the mattress, it will take up to two weeks to get a refund. Emma mattresses also come with a 10-year warranty. You get free shipping with these mattresses. Delivery takes 2-4 days from Ontario and 4-8 days from other parts of Canada.

Social & Environmental Impact

Emma shows its environmental and social support in two ways. On the one hand, it produces 100% vegan mattresses made of safe materials. On the other, it manufactures them in each country where it is present, thus supporting the local economy.

Prices & Size Listings

Emma offers the following mattress sizes

  • Twin Size 38" x 75"
  • Twin XL Size 38" x 80"
  • Full Size 54" x 75"
  • Queen Size 60" x 80"
  • King Size 76" x 80"
  • Cal King Size 72" x 84"

You can also purchase these mattresses by applying for financing via Affirm and paying in monthly installments. The lender will approve you instantly if you qualify and you will get a 0% APR over six months. The financing is not available for purchases under $300.

Here are the current promo prices for the Emma mattress

  • Twin Size 38" x 75"": $545 from $995
  • Twin XL Size 38" x 80"": $595 from $1,145
  • Full Size 54" x 75"": $675 from $1,445
  • Queen Size 60" x 80": $745 from $1,495
  • King Size 76" x 80"": $895 from $1,945
  • Cal King Size 72" x 84"": $895 from $1,945

If you choose the monthly installments via Affirm, you will pay around $100 - $150 per month depending on the mattress you purchase.