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Nest Mattresses Review

Nest Bedding is an American brand that offers excellent mattresses, as well as other products, including bedding, furniture, and several organic and sustainable lifestyle products such as robes and sleep masks. Explore Nest Bedding’s mattresses, their features, prices, and more.

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Nest Bedding Bio & Company Overview This company was founded in 2011 and it was among the first to offer the bed-in-a-box solution. Since its inception, the company’s aim was to build quality, chemical-free mattresses that stand the test of time. In 2021, Nest Bedding became the first mattress brand to offer a Lifetime Renewal Exchange (LRE) program, which is available for the company’s luxury mattresses. Nest Bedding is also one of the few mattress brands that ships products both in the US and Canada. It currently offers nine mattress models.

First Impressions

Here are some of the main features to take into account if you consider buying a Nest Bedding mattress.

1.      Feel & Firmness

Nest Bedding mattresses, for example, the Sparrow model, were designed with dual firmness, which makes them ideal for couples. This feature allows you to choose a different firmness for each side of the bed to customize the mattress. For this, you need to swap the inner foam layer, so the mattress can be softer or firmer depending on your preferences.

The company also allows you to choose from different firmness models, for example, the Quail mattress comes in two firmness options – firm and medium. The firm model offers enhanced responsiveness and the medium provides excellent airflow features.

2.      Edge Support

Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy great edge support with Nest Bedding. For example, the Quail offers a high-density edge support base foam to make it easy to get out of bed or stand on the side of the bed. If you’re looking for a mattress with great edge support, the Quail is probably the best, followed by the Sparrow.

3.      Motion Isolation

Nest Bedding mattresses usually isolate motion well, but you need to pick a model that focuses on this benefit if this is your priority. The Quail mattress does a good job as it is designed with individually wrapped coils. The natural Owl mattress also isolates motion pretty well since it has the same coils system. The Energex™ s foam used in Nest Bedding mattresses ensures a restful sleep by absorbing motion.

4.      Bounce

The Quail is a also good choice if you’re looking for a mattress that provides a good balance between bounciness and support. This mattress offers a good responsiveness level, which prevents that unpleasant feeling you’re stuck in bed.

Mattress Construction

One of the highlights of this brand is that it offers a variety of mattress models made of different materials. You can choose between the three main types of mattress constructions – foam, coil spring, and latex. Nest Bedding specializes in hybrid and natural mattresses. The company uses CertiPUR-US® foams that are certified in the USA. The foams are kept in the manufacturer’s factory until they air out and eliminate the residual off-gassing.

The technologies this manufacturer uses include the SmartFlow Air Flow layers, the Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, and thermic phase change cooling fabric. The company’s natural mattresses, such as the Owel, are made of natural organic materials, including organic knit cotton and Joma wool, alongside 100% natural OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 latex fabricated in the US.

5.      What Medical Conditions Does the Mattress Support?

The Energex™ foam present in these mattresses, together with the coils system, offer the right support to relieve pressure points. This material helps the body weight to be distributed evenly, which ensures a comfortable sleep and reduces common problems such as back pain or joint pain. Moreover, this feature also helps sleepers enjoy any part of the bed, including the edge. If you’re wondering what model to choose, the Owl provides excellent pressure points relief thanks to its Dunlop Latex layer. The Quail also relieves pressure quite well.

Delivery, Sleep Trial, Returns

Nest Bedding offers free shipping and return. Orders take up to 48 hours to be processed. Afterward, it takes 3-6 days for the company to produce your mattress. Once it’s done, the company will ship it and it will take 3-8 days to receive the package at your doorstep.

The company also has one of the longest trial periods in the industry – 365 days. Nest Bedding also has a Lifetime Renewal Exchange program that allows customers to renew their mattresses once. You can renew your mattress by ordering a different comfort layer to replace the existing one by unzipping the mattress. This is a huge benefit as it helps you avoid buying a new mattress.

Social & Environmental Impact

Nest Bedding emphasizes the quality of its materials and claims its mattresses are chemicals-free and use certified clean materials, which are safe for both customers and the environment. The company’s renewable program also shows its commitment to protecting the environment as it prevents customers from changing their mattresses frequently and creating more waste.

Prices & Size Listings

Nest Bedding mattresses come in the following sizes:

·         Twin (38" W x 75" L x 12" H - 55 lbs.)

·         Twin XL (38" W x 80" L x 12" H - 60 lbs.)

·         Full (54" W x 75" L x 12" H - 85 lbs.)

·         Queen (60" W x 80" L x 12" H - 105  lbs.)

·         King (76" W x 80" L x 12" H - 115 lbs.)

·         Cal King (72" W x 84" L x 12" H - 115 lbs.)

·         Split Cal King (One Side - 36" W x 84" L x 12" H - 60 lbs.)

The prices for each model differ. These are the current discount prices for the Sparrow, which is the most popular Nest Bedding mattress:

·         Twin: $919.2

·         Twin XL: $999

·         Full: $1,319

·         Queen: $1,599

·         King: $1,839.2

·         Cal King: $1,839.2

·         Split Cal King: $919.2 (one side)