The Chirofoam mattress is manufactured in Toronto, Canada and the company promises the user a deep and restorative sleep, so you will wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.
Designed with 5 key features that contribute to a comfortable and restful sleep – Pressure Relief, Proper Back Support and Alignment, Balanced Sleep Temperature, Eliminates Motion Transfer, Resists Sagging.
The Chirofoam 12” mattress is constructed using 4 specialised layers for a comfortable and restful sleep.
This mattress was especially designed to address the issue of back pain and aid proper posture and muscle recovery.
The Chirofoam 12” mattress is highly recommended by spine care professionals and chiropractors alike.
A memory foam mattress designed to help you to get a healthier, more effective and more efficient sleep.

Size & Pricing

The Chirofoam mattress comes in the following 6 sizes:

The twin mattress measure’s approximately 39” wide by 75” in length and 12” in height.
It is currently selling for a price of $690.00.

Twin XL:
The Twin XL adds an additional 5 inches of length with the mattress measuring 39” wide by 80” in length and 12” in height.
This mattress costs $740.00.

Full Mattress:
The Chirofoam full sized mattress measures approximately 54” wide by 75” in length and 12” in height.
The price for the full-size mattress is $890.00.

The Chirofoam queen-sized mattress measures approximately 60” in width by 80” in length and 12” in height.
It costs $990.00.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 12” in height.
The Chirofoam king-sized mattress retails at $1,090.00.

Cal King:
At the same price as the standard king-size the Cal King retails at $1,090.00.
With the additional offer of an extra 4” of length for good measure.
The Cal King mattress measures approximately 72” wide by 84” in length and 12” in height.

The Chirofoam mattress company offer a 100-sleep night trial and the mattress comes with a 15-year guarantee.
It is very reasonably priced for such a quality memory foam mattress.


The 12” Chirofoam is constructed with four different layers of specialist foam for a comfortable, restful sleep.
Below details the four layers used in construction of the Chirofoam mattress:

1. Top Layer:
The top layer is 2” of 4lb Visco memory foam infused with a cooling gel, which helps keep the user cool while sleeping.
This layer also provides body contouring, so the body doesn’t lose shape during sleep and pressure relief for enhanced comfort.

2. Support Layer:
This second layer is made of 2” of foam which gently supports your spine, aiding proper alignment, while also relieving back pain.
It is constructed with firm, sag-resistant supportive Chirofoam which performs as an additional buffer of pressure relief between the user’s body and the core support foam.
This support layer is sag resistant and adds to the durability of the mattress.

3. Pro Lumbar Support Layer:
The Pro Lumbar Support layer promotes better posture for the user with an increased level of support (20%).
This layer also provides a deep compression support for the body during sleep, it also prevents sagging increasing the mattresses lifespan.

4. Base Foam Layer:
This layer features 8” of thick therapeutic base foam and is made up of optimal high-density bio foam maximising support while maintaining even weight distribution, this layer is made with soy content foam also which means your carbon footprint is reduced.

Mattress Cover:
The Chirofoam mattress cover is a soft luxurious and breathable, removeable cover with a non-skid bottom.
It is removeable for easy cleaning but recommended to be spot-cleaned or hand-washed and recommended to air dry.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The Chirofoam mattress is medium firm and is rated as a 6.5 out of 10 in the firmness scale.
This level of firmness offers a comfortable sleeping surface for side, stomach and back sleepers alike with a good balance of support and cushioning.
The Chirofoam mattress offers good support and firmness with the Pro Lumbar Support layer and the support core, which means you will never sink into this mattress.
This mattress easily absorbs movement when it comes to motion transfer, so you won’t disturb your partner during the night with any sudden movements.
The user will also sleep cool during the night with the cool-gel infused memory foam pulling heat away from the body and the Chirofoam layer balancing your sleeping temperature by promoting air circulation.
The construction of this product involved in-depth research to create a mattress which is designed to alleviate pressure which is built up from everyday activities.
The five key features of the Chirofoam mattress are:

1. Pressure Relief:
The Chirofoam memory foam mattress is designed to relieve the build-up of daily pressure from the body – caused by heavy lifting, incorrect sitting posture for example.
A pressure which commonly leads to back pain, the gel infused memory foam layer combined with the firm support memory foam cushions the body to relieve the build-up pressure in the muscles and joints.

2. Proper Back Support and Alignment:
Improper posture while lifting, sitting or standing puts an unnecessary pressure on your back, causing back pain and possibly serious health problems in the future.
The Chirofoam mattress aligns your back to its natural curves while you sleep at night, this happens when the pro lumbar support layer and bio foam core combine-together to support the body.

3. Balanced Sleep Temperature:
A lot of people wake up at night when their body is too hot or too cold.
With the Chirofoam layer making the mattress breathable and helping circulate air and the gel infused memory foam layer whisking heat away from the body, a balanced sleep temperature at night is guaranteed.

4. Eliminates Motion Transfer:
Movement by partners during the night can lead to an affect on a person’s sleep pattern and ultimately cause lack of sleep.
The Chirofoam mattress is coil free so this eliminates any motion felt from your partners movements during the night.
The conforming and aligning qualities of the mattress reduces disturbance or that feeling of being uncomfortable so eliminates tossing and turning at night.

5. Resists Sagging:
The sagging in many mattresses can lead to discomfort and affects sleep patterns, the Chirofoam mattress is designed using the highest quality of components to resist sagging of the mattress.

Purchase & Delivery Process

This mattress can be purchased directly from the company website and Chirofoam offer free shipping to the continental US and Canada.
The mattress has an expected delivery time of 3-5 business days.
Chriofoam offer a 100-sleep night trial with a 15-year guarantee.
That’s how confident Chirofoam are that you will adore your new mattress.