Dormeo is a leading mattress brand in the UK and Europe. They offer innumerous bedding in different sizes, styles, and budgets. The mattresses are made with Ecocell® core that brings muscle and joints support. 
Their award-winning Octaspring technology, which provides eight times more breathability than traditional mattress, comes with surprisingly affordable prices. All products come with a 60-night free trial and a 15-year warranty. 

Size & Pricing

Dormeo offer six types of mattresses with different dimensions and pricing. We’ve compiled a list with a few of their key features.

The most compact mattresses come in 90cm x 190cm. Their depths range from 14cm to 30cm.
Prices starting from £99.99 up to £1,549. 
They are suitable for solo sleepers or children. Perfect for limited spaces but still large enough for a comfy and relaxing night. 

Small Double
Small Double offers a size of 120cm x 190cm, with 3 selections of depth: 14cm, 17cm, and 20cm. The starting price for this size is £249.99, and it goes up to £879.99.
They are amazing alternatives for solo sleepers who want a little extra space, or couples who prefer a cosy distance.

One of the most popular choices is the Double - with 135cm wide by 190cm in length. Their heights go from 14cm to 30cm. Since this size is common, there is a variety of choices with prices ranging from £149.99 to £2,099.
Doubles are ideal for couples or co-sleepers, or even singles who enjoy a little indulgence.

King size mattresses are made 150cm x 200cm. They are around 14cm - 30cm high.
The most economical choice for this size is £199.99, and the price goes up to £2,399. 
These mattresses fit couples comfortably, or those above the average height. 

European King
European King goes a little bit wider with a size of 160cm x 200cm. It is available in only 1 depth of 22cm. The price for this size is £1,049.99.
European King adds 10cm in width for more spacious bed space. Couples with babies or little children can opt for this size so that everyone can fit in comfortably.

Super King
Super King is also one of the most common choices - with 180cm wide by 200cm in length. Dormeo offers a wide range of depths ranging from 14cm to 30cm like most sizes above.
The starting price for Super King is £309.99, with the most expensive being £2,699.
Not needing to say much, this mattress gives more sleeping room for any dual sleepers or even solos who savor an ample amount of space. 


Sourced and crafted in Italy, Dormeo’s mattresses are made from quality memory foam with an Ecocell® core that adapts to the body shape and movement. The viscoelastic layers of the memory foam respond to your temperature, inducing better sleeping experience. 
While Dormeo offers certain spring-made mattresses, their popularity comes from the memory foam. They are better than springs in the way that they stand the test of time. They are also designed to be hypoallergenic - which means they are suitable for people with sensitive skin. 

The Ecocell® core is Dormeo’s signature material. It has a cellular structure with open dimensions that gives air room to “breathe”. While its firmness is unbeatable, the elastic nature allows you to sleep in any position in comfort.  

The traditional springs usually offer support only for certain body parts. But Dormeo’s core bend, along with your body’s contour gives natural comfort to your spine. If you have back pain, these mattresses are ideal for you. 
If you want the best of both worlds, Dormeo also has a hybrid mattress. It combines a layer of memory foam with a spring core. All fabrics are fully recyclable and fire-proof. 
They also add side vents technology to mattresses made from memory foam, which is less breathable than the springs. These cooling systems balance your temperature during sleep time, and they cool your body if you are prone to heat at night. 

Last but not least, their Rolled & Vacuum-Packed line has around 30 selections of portable mattresses. These products use the same technologies as the ones mentioned above, but they are made to be easily carried around. This unique advantage does not decrease the level of comfort and the adaptive nature of the materials.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The first impression you get when trying Dormeo’s products is the solid support they bring. There’s no need to worry about sagging. The responsive layers are elastic enough to adjust for the body’s contour, but remain consistent and thick enough to carry your weight. 
All memory foam mattresses have a shape-retaining quality that also adapts to the body’s heat and pressure. They come in different thicknesses which suit different sleeping positions: side, back, or front.  
All mattresses are covered with the CleanEffect® treatment. The premium fabric guarantees protection from bacteria and dust; leaving a clean surface to relax and rest. Its fascinating breathability allows air and moisture to come off the mattress. This helps to regulate your heat during the night. 

Purchase & Delivery Process

Purchases can be made directly on their website or through a 24-hour hotline. If you don’t want to pay all at once, you can opt for installments. Orders from £399.99 will accept this payment option with 0% interest rate.
Free delivery is available for mattresses and beds. All mattresses using Octaspring technology can be returned for free. You can sleep on your new bed for 60 nights and ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied. 


Dormeo has a wide range of mattress selections available in many sizes, styles, and exclusive technologies. Their memory foam is highly durable and adaptive to the body’s figure and movements. They have a surprising life span as well.
The Ecocell® core provides incredible ventilation and body weight support. Their covers are made from ecologically sound materials with a bacteria-free and dust-free guarantee. Mattresses are affordable with superior assistance and various financial plans.