Ecosa mattress company is one of the top manufacturers of mattresses in Australia, based in Melbourne.
The company has been in operation since 2015 developing high-quality mattresses at an affordable price.
Acknowledged as ‘Australia’s best mattress’ on numerous occasions the Ecosa is Australia’s most popular mattress in-a-box products – with over 8,000 reviews from satisfied customers.
The Ecosa mattress is 10” tall and offers good versatility as it allows the user to choose between three levels of firmness.
The Ecosa is customisable and designed to cater for all sleeping styles!

Sizes & Pricing

Ecosa offers the largest variety of mattress sizes on the market.
The Ecosa is available in a Twin, Twin XL, King Twin,Full, Queen,King and King Cal.
Prices start at $599.00 for the Twin and $649.00 for the Twin XL with the King Twin priced at $699.00.
The Ecosa ‘Full’ mattress retails at $799.00 with the Queen size costing $899.00 and the King $999.00 and finally the longer Cal King retailing at $1,299.00.
Ecosa partners with a certain number of websites which provide a $200 discount on the Ecosa mattresses for buyers.
The prices outlined above include the $200 discount.
Each mattress size is detailed exactly in inches aiding your size selection purchase process.
Ecosa offer a 100-sleep night trial and ship for free across the US, the company also offer free returns with full refund, if you are not happy.
The company offer a 15-year warranty with their mattresses which takes full responsibility for any manufacturer defaults.
The warranty does not cover any damage which has been caused by improper usage by the owner.
By and large the Ecosa mattress is priced competitively and offers a good option for those who like the option of altering the firmness level of their mattress.


The Ecosa mattress is constructed using four layers it has a 3-in-1 adjustability of firmness levels providing a different feel specific to the user’s comfort requirements.

Ergonomic Support Foam:
The base of the mattress is a layer of 6.5” dense poly foam which assists with ergonomic spine alignment and even weight support.
This is the main layer of the mattress which works on spine alignment throughout the night and aids the elimination of motion transfer, while also relieving pressure points.
It is designed with pin core-holes and these channels allow air flow through which helps to regulate temperature, giving the mattress a cool feel.

Eco-Tex memory foam:
This is a 1.5” comfort layer of Eco-Tex and is the company’s proprietary upgrade on traditional latex,developed using open cell technology.
Developed by Ecosa’s engineers the Eco-Tex memory foam also improves breathability and durability of the mattress.
It replaces the less breathable, durable latex comfort layer which also caused allergies, to satisfy the requests of customers.
This layer also helps contouring of the body shape throughout the night and puts an added spring in the mattress.

G-7 gel memory foam:
This layer stands at 1.5” using aerated materials which aid contouring to your body shape to relieve pressure points stopping the user sinking too deeply into the mattress.
It also enables the user to sleep cool.

Waterproof Inner Cover:
The Ecosa Mattress has an inner cover using German micro-filament fabric which is a very breathable material.
This makes the mattress 100% waterproof and protects from dust mites supporting sleeping hygiene.
This cover keeps the mattress safe from spillages of liquids and oils and moisture that the body produces during sleep.
The mattress is CertiPUR-US and OEKO-Tex Standard 100, the materials used in the manufacturing process are of high quality and sourced in Germany, Japan and China.
These certifications mean no harmful chemicals, flame retardants have been used in the construction of the layers or the cover of the mattress.
The raw materials used are not eco-friendly, the eco-friendly materials for example like organic latex, organic wool, organic foams are 95% natural and certified.
Although considering the price of the Ecosa mattress this is more than acceptable.

Mattress Cover:
Ecosa state their mattress cover is built with high end premium quality materials but no exact list of materials is outlined.
Although we know from over 8,000 reviews that this cover has a great touch and feel and is not allergenic, suiting previous owners well.
The mattress cover is removable and can be washed, however you are advised to wash the cover using warm water and avoid ‘high heat’ upon drying.

Firmness,Feel & Comfort

The Ecosa mattress is constructed using a 3-in-1 mechanism which gives adjustability of firmness levels – medium, medium firm or firm feel.
A great mattress for both side and back sleepers the firm side offers proper spinal alignment with superior support.
While the medium and medium firm offer pressure relief for side sleepers and perfect body contouring.
The mattress is a 5 to 6.5 on the firmness scales of 1 to 10, a perfect fit for average or above average-sized sleepers (max 150kg per sleeper).
No data is available on sinkage, although based on the firmness scale results of the mattress, it should be 4-5mm, which suits most people.
When it comes to motion transfer the mattress performs superbly as it is non-existent given the ergonomic support foam.
Which means users won’t be disturbed by any sudden movements during the night.
The mattress is firm and relaxing overall and offers a bounce which feels comfortable and responsive.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The Ecosa mattress can be purchased online from the Ecosa website which provides full information allowing the buyer to choose the relevant sized mattress and have it shipped to their door.
This product will arrive between 1-7 business days after purchase.
Ecosa offer free shipping and free returns across the US and Australia.
The website has a fantastic user interface for inputting purchasing information (credit card details, shipping address) enabling users to complete checkout in two quick steps.
Ecosa offer a 100-sleep night trial and has a 15-year warranty which covers any flaws in construction or workmanship, once damage hasn’t been caused by improper handling of the mattress.