The Eco Terra mattress was launched in 2016 handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA in the USA.
Eco Terra sell high quality affordable mattresses and are one of the newest direct-to-consumer mattress companies in this market.
The company market themselves as a healthier, more organic option in today’s mattress market.
An 11” organic hybrid mattress the Eco Terra contains 100% natural and specially engineered coils that deliver a ‘tranquil sleeping experience’.
The Eco Terra mattress is available in two firmness settings ‘Medium’ or ‘Medium Firm’.
Upon purchasing the Eco Terra, you get all the usual online benefits including free shipping and returns and a long no-pressure trial period.

Sizes & Pricing

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress is available in the following 6 sizes – Twin,
Twin XL, Full Mattress, Queen, King and Cal King:

The twin mattress measures at 38” wide by 75” length and 11” in height.
The twin is priced at $549.00.

Twin XL:
The twin XL adds an extra 5” in length to the mattress measuring at 38” wide by 80” length and 11” in height.
The twin XL is priced at $599.00.

Full Mattress:
The Eco Terra full size mattress measures approximately 54” wide by 75” in length and 11” in height.
The price for the full-size mattress is $799.00.

The Eco Terra queen-size mattress measures approximately 60” wide by 80” in length and 11” in height.
The price for the queen-size mattress is $899.00.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 11” in height.
Eco Terra price their king-size mattress at $1,099.00.

Cal King:
At the same price as the standard king $1,099.00, the Cal King offers an extra 4’ of length.
The Cal King mattress measures approximately 72” wide by 84” in length and 11” in height.

Eco Terra offer a 90-day sleep-night trial and 15-year warranty.
The company also offer third party financing available through Klarna finance enabling payments to be spaced out over several months.


The eco-sensitive Eco Terra is a hybrid latex mattress and is made up of two layers.
This mattress is constructed with an organic-cotton cover, natural Talalay latex comfort layer, and a pocketed coil support core.
The upper natural latex foam layer with the pocketed springs below, provide soft pressure relief for your joints, shoulders and hips, while supporting your weight and contour to your body ensuring natural spinal alignment while you sleep.
This mattress is flame retardant using plant based cellulose fibres and hydrated silica.

Natural Latex Layer:
This layer is made up of 3” of natural Talalay latex offering pressure relief and superior buoyancy allowing your muscles, joints and spine to relax naturally.
The Eco Terra sleeps cool and dry as the natural latex retains far less heat, combining with the individually wrapped coils below leading to additional airflow.

Pocket Coil Base Layer:
This layer is made up of 16-gauge pocketed coils throughout the interior and 15-gauge quantum coils around the perimeter.
Designed to provide optimal support to the user’s body and proper body alignment, while also limiting motion transfer and partner disturbance during the night.
The quantum coils offer additional edge support and comfort, whilst the edge to edge support gives you a larger sleep surface.

Mattress Cover:
The eco-friendly Eco Terra mattress cover is made with ‘stretched’ organic cotton providing a soft sleeping surface.
A non-woven cover, given it is made of cotton it is breathable which means the surface of the mattress is cool, dry and fresh.
This organic cotton cover is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.
Which means the textiles used contain a minimum of 95 percent certified organic fibres, GOTS is a worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres.

Firmness, Feel & Support

The Eco Terra mattress has two comfort options a ‘Medium’ or a ‘Medium Firm’, which suits all sleepers.
The ‘Medium’ is rated as a 5 on the 1-10 firmness scales – with 1 being softest and 10 firmest.
This level of firmness is ideal for most sleepers, especially side sleepers who transition through a variety of sleep positions over the course of a night’s sleep.
Offering a good level of support this level of firmness offers pressure relief on the hips and shoulders.
Eco Terra also offer the ‘Medium Firm’ mattress which has a rating of 6.5 in the firmness scales.
This option is suitable more to back or stomach sleepers who prefer a ‘firmer’ mattress with stronger support.
Both firmness options allow most sleepers who weigh 125 pounds or more adequate body conforming and pressure point relief.
The Eco Terra mattress with its latex comfort absorbs and minimises transfer which means limited motion transfer and partner disturbance during the night.
The zoned coils which consist of thicker-gauge springs offer targeted support to areas of the body where weight is concentrated such as the shoulders and the hips.
The Eco Terra mattress is responsive and has a good bounce, making it conducive to sexual activity.
With the lower-gauge coil design giving this mattress above-average edge support, sinkage complaints are unheard of with this mattress.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The Eco Terra hybrid mattress is available on the company website or on the Amazon.com website.
Eco Terra do not have any brick or mortar locations.
The company offers free shipping to the contiguous United States and a 90-day sleep night trial with a 15-year guarantee.
If you are not satisfied the company offer a full refund and free returns.
Upon purchasing you can select between two comfort options ‘Medium’ and ‘Medium Firm’.
Eco Terra offer third party financing available through Klarna finance which enables payments to be spaced out over several months.
The company don’t offer a white glove service so be prepared to put the mattress together yourself.