We’re all used to those uncomfortable beds where you can only sleep in one position due to the awkwardness. Well, that’s something from the past. Emma brings you an all memory foam mattress, as well as a hybrid one, that will keep your nights feeling fresh and relaxing.

Emma prides itself for conceiving, designing, and building all of their products in the UK. This means that customers can rest easy knowing that the company is dedicated to keeping things local. We took a look at this brand and what it offers so you can get a better idea of what to expect. 

These mattresses feature a combination of different foams and special zones supported by channels, this will bring British dreamers an all-encompassing sleeping experience. It is pressure-reliever and supportive in each section of the bed.

Emma also has a patented technology that provides back and shoulder support, besides spinal alignment, for every sleeping position. That’s the function of those weird holes that can be seen through the foam.

Size & Pricing

Emma mattresses come in 5 different sizes:
This one measures about 90 cm in width and 190 cm in length. It is priced at £429, including taxes. The Single size is perfect for a teenager or if you don’t have much room in your flat.

Small Double
This size works perfectly in small spaces, but it gives you enough room if you move a lot at night. It measures 120 cm in width and 190 cm in length. It has the same length as the Single one, but it is considerably wider. 
The price does differ a lot from the previous size, costing about £599 including taxes.

With a price of £649 including taxes, the Emma Double mattress gives you an extra fifteen centimeters in width. This mattress is excellent for a newly-married couple who are starting to furnish their first home.

If you’re more on the taller side, you shall consider this size. It measures 150 cm in width and 200 cm in length. The King size is perfect for those larger couples, or on the other hand, if you’re looking for a giant mattress to have perfect restful nights.
Even though the measurements are considerably larger, the price is not much higher. It costs £699 with taxes — a great bang for your buck.

Super King
The measurements on this one are impressive, being the largest of them all, with 180 cm in width and 200 cm in length. The Emma Super King mattress gives you more than enough room, and it’s perfect for couples who recently had a baby, or their toddler likes to sleep with them.
The price is significantly higher, costing £799, including taxes. But considering the measurements, it isn’t that expensive.


Emma mattresses come with a cover, which is pretty elastic and thin. This encourages the airflow underneath the cover, giving you a cooling effect at night. A slim cover is essential because it does not interfere with the feeling of the foam layers of the mattress.

They are built with three distinct layers of foam, stacking up to a 25 cm profile. This combination of materials is intended to create a balanced feel, which should provide you with a balanced amount of pressure relief and support.

Airgocell Foam
Right beneath the cover, we find the Airgocell Foam layer. It has a quick response to pressure and medium firmness. The open structure of this foam is going to help with the temperature regulation. 
Sometimes memory foam can trap body heat, so it’s an amazing bonus that we get this layer before the memory foam.

Memory Foam
As we said before, memory foam can trap body heat, which leads to overheating during the night. Although, it is excellent for letting you sink in the mattress, and it has a significant role in pressure relief.
By placing this layer underneath the Airgocell Foam, they have defended themselves against that not-so-good feature of overheating. But, it helps with the quick response to pressure, which is often overlooked by many people.

High-Density Poly Foam
This firm foam helps support the layers above it, and of course, the sleeper. 
This layer has channels cut into the foam in specific locations. This zones help your shoulders, hips, and back, to sink in strategically. It is going to help with spine alignment, and although those channels are pretty rare in a mattress, it is a great thing to have.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The Emma mattresses are characterised for its bouncy texture and the quick response to pressure. This will help you feel like you’re on top of the bed and not stuck in one place.
It is a little bit firmer than expected when you get it out of the box. Due to its compression during shipping, you have to let it rest for a few days, so it goes back to the original state. Don’t judge it right away, make sure that you give it enough time to the fibers to relax.
Side sleepers usually prefer a softer mattress. This position is going to press the shoulders and hips into the deepest layers of the bed, which at times can cause some issues with pressure. 
That’s when the channels in the support layer will come to your rescue! They will allow your body to sink in without getting so much pressure.

Purchase & Delivery Process

Emma has an option where you can try the mattress you want for a hundred nights. This program shall help you decide if you’re good with that size or if you like the feeling of it. The 100 Nights Trial is a great option for those folks who are picky or can’t seem to decide.
All the products are delivered at no cost, and you can return them free of charge too. The delivery is usually pretty fast because they ship the mattress in a compressed box, taking less time than transporting it in a truck. 
Besides, Emma offers a ten-year guarantee, which proves that they believe in the quality of their product. They have many payment options for UK clients and US customers, such as PayPal, credit card, and 0% finance.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a mattress from Emma, you’re expected to receive a high-quality mattress that shall give you restful nights without overheating your body. 
Emma offers high-quality UK products, such as mattresses, pillows, and beddings. The stand-out product are the mattresses, with a patented technology that combines layers of foam to give you complete spinal and shoulder support in any position. 
The prices are reasonable due to the technology invested in them, and the materials feel luxurious. The mattress has a perfect firmness, not too soft but also not too dense. If you’re looking to have a fast-delivered high-quality mattress, look no further.