The Sleep Frankly company are based in Atlanta, Georgia in the US.
Frankly were founded recently in 2018.
Born from a group of scientists, sleep experts and supply chain professionals coming together to create a Frank and honest company, ‘to debunk the mattress industry’ as the company state.
Frankly’s luxury 12” memory foam mattress is made in China and thoughtfully designed and engineered to balance comfort and support. It is a low budget all-foam mattress, specifically created for budget conscious shoppers.
Their mattress remains at the same price all-day, every day, all year long, no gimmicks.

Sizes & Pricing

The 12” Frankly mattress is only available in two sizes Queen and King.
This as the company states ‘helps us keep our costs low and pass the savings onto you’.
It comes with a 60-night guarantee and a 10-year warranty and free shipping.
Finance starting at $58.00 a month is also offered through ‘Affirm’ for as low as 0% APR, so customers can sleep now and pay later.
Frankly removes the fear of getting a better price around holiday time as the price of their mattress remains static all year round.

The queen mattress measures at 60” wide by 80” length and 12” in height.
The queen is priced at $695.00.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 12” in height.
Frankly price their king-size mattress at $845.00.


The 12” Frankly foam mattress is made up of four layers.

Gel Memory Foam
The comfort layer is made up of 2” of gel memory foam.

Which contours to the body, cradling your unique curves, while also providing airflow and a breathability to the mattress.

Adaptive Hi Core Foam
Underneath the memory foam is 1” of Adaptive Hi Core foam which redistributes weight evenly across the mattress while also relieving pressure points giving relief to joints, hips and back.

Core Support Foam
The support core is made up of 8” of core support foam which adds durability and support making the mattress stable and sturdy.

It also gives the mattress added bounce and gives the mattress a quick response with good rebound, while limiting motion transfer.

Base foam
The base layer is made up of 1” of base foam which reinforces and supports the core support layer while providing a stable, breathable foundation.

All foams used in the construction of the Frankly mattress, are Certi-PUR US certified with low emissions and low VOC’s.
Which means the company does not utilise any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or formaldehyde in the creation of the mattress.
Frankly also use silica covering the core of the mattress which is not flame resistant but will slow the process down, the silica melts and prevents oxygen from reaching the core, quenching out the fire.

Mattress Cover:
This soft, breathable mattress cover has been designed with an innovative removable, washable cover, which is a great feature.
It has a zipper, which makes it easy to unzip, wash and reattach.
The zipper is angled in such a way, which makes it easier to remove and reattach.
This a real positive for those who suffer with allergies.

Firmness, Feel & Support

The 12” Frankly mattress overall has a ‘medium firm’ feel when it comes to firmness.
In the firmness rating scales from 1-10 it would rate as a 6.
This mattress regulates temperature very well actively drawing heat away from the body returning the mattress to room temperature more quickly.
It allows the user to sleep in a cool, breathable environment all night, keeping you dry and still.
Frankly’s layers work well together as the mattress removes a lot of pressure from the back and shoulders, giving some pain relief.
It also beneficial if you are a side sleeper as you will find your arm will not fall asleep as much with this mattress compared to others.
The mattress also performs well on Edge Support and will hold strong even with a couple sleeping on the mattress.
You may experience some sinkage while sitting on the perimeter, but the centre of the bed has a much stronger support specifically for couples.
The mattress performs very well when it comes to motion transfer which is especially good for couples or those who sleep with pets.
It isolates motion very well which means no nightly disturbances and a peaceful sleep for all.
The mattress is very good for light or persons of average weight, those of heavier weight may lose the benefits of the body contouring or support layers this mattress provides and may find it a much firmer feel than it is.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The Frankly mattress can be purchased on the company website, as well as on amazon.com website.
Frankly do not operate any brick-and-mortar locations.
It is very much a straightforward purchase and delivery process, as there is no customisation section to build your own mattress, once you choose the size you want you can proceed to checkout.
All shipping is free within the United States and Frankly do not currently ship to Hawaii or Alaska.
Once you order the mattress online, it arrives within 3-5 business days.
It will arrive compressed in a box and delivered right to your door.
Frankly don’t offer white glove delivery, so you have to assemble the mattress yourself and the company don’t remove any old mattresses.
The company offer a 60-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty guarantee for any construction errors which cause damage or the wearing out of materials.
Finance starting at $58.00 a month is also offered through ‘Affirm’ for as low as 0% APR, so customers can sleep now and pay later.
Frankly removes the fear of getting a better price around holiday time as the price of their mattress remains static all year round.