Happsy is an eco-conscious US company that uses environmentally friendly materials throughout their mattress.
The company were founded in May 2017 and are headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming in the US.
An online mattress retailer, Happsy offer one of the best natural mattresses on the market today, using natural latex, organic cotton and wool batting with innovative technology promising a healthier night’s sleep.
The Happsy mattress is certified as organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) which makes the mattress free of any harmful chemicals or allergens.
Happsy offer payment plans through Affirm finance and deliver their mattress directly to your door.

Size & Pricing

The Happsy 10” mattress comes in the following 6 sizes and prices are also outlined below:
The Happsy twin is priced at $899.00. It measures at 38” wide by 75” in length and 10” in height.

Twin XL
The twin XL costs $999.00 with an added 5” of length.
It measures at 38” wide by 80” in length and 10” in height.

Full Mattress
The Happsy full-sized mattress is priced at $1,199.00. It measures 53” in width by 75” in length and 10” in height.

The queen-sized mattress costs $1,399.00 & measures at 60” in width by 80” in length and 10” in height.

Happsy king-sized mattress is priced at $1,699.00. It measures 76” in width by 80” in length and 10” in height.

Cal King
The Cal king mattress measures 72” in width by 84” in length and 10” in height. It is priced at $1,699.00 and adds 4” in length to the mattress from the standard king-size.

The Happsy mattress has a below-average price point, considering all that goes into it.
It also has an impressive list of certifications including: GOTS, GOLS, Formaldehyde-Free verification by UL, GREENGUARD GOLD, and Zero Toxics, which makes it both healthy for you and the environment.

Happsy also offer free shipping and free returns.


For all mattresses be they organic or natural the same set of principles are used.
Eco-friendly materials are utilized by the manufacturer examples: latex, organic cotton, organic wool etc.
No harsh or aggressive chemicals are used in the construction of the product, the manufacturing process is done in the US using organic materials.
Third party certifications such as Greenguard(Gold), Organic Content Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US can be found on organic or natural mattresses.
The Happsy is a hybrid mattress with a fantastic support core constructed with pocketed coils and organic cotton batting casement offering the user optimal pressure-relief.
The following layers are used in the construction of the mattress:
Comfort Layer
The comfort layer consists of 2” of a single layer of aerated natural latex which is encased in organic wool batting.
As the natural latex is aerated it provides temperature regulation giving the mattress great cooling abilities.
The material responds quickly so it conforms to your shape relieving pressure while also providing added bounce.
Which means a Happsy user will feel like they are ‘lying’ on the mattress rather than ‘sinking’ into it.
The support core is an 8-inch pocketed coil system which is encased in organic wool batting, providing the bed with structure and shape.
These individual spring wraps support proper spinal alignment.
The coils also help to isolate motion meaning no disturbances from movements during the night and help to retain heat providing excellent airflow throughout the mattress.
With reinforced coils around the edges, there is less ‘sinkage’ when sitting or lying on the sides of the mattress.
Mattress Cover
The Happsy mattress cover is 100% organic cotton, with a .25-inch layer of organic wool knitted on the top and cotton batting quilted on the sides which gives it a gentle touch and feel.
Wool is a natural flame retardant and absorbs heat, wicking away moisture which keeps the body feeling cool and fresh.
The cover can be removed which is useful for spot cleaning, it is not recommend to machine wash the cover.

Firmness, Feel & Support

Happsy mattress scores a 6.5 out of 10 in the firmness rating scales.
Which means the mattress would be considered ‘medium’ firm.
Mattresses who fall into this bracket are considered the most popular because of their versatile comfort for a different range of sleepers and are compatible to different sleeping positions.
Upon lying down you will feel an interaction with the soft upper layer of the mattress and with the immediate-response time of the latex comfort layer you will not feel any sinking effect or that ‘stuck’ feeling.
Once your pressure exceeds a certain amount you will feel an interaction with the 8” support core foundation providing superb support which allows for excellent spinal alignment.
The aerated latex along with the encased pocketed coils promote excellent airflow throughout the mattress which allows for minimal heat retention.
The individual pocketed coils support your body shape, while the latex material relieves pressure points for those who suffer with pain in joints or back and shoulders.
This hybrid mattress is good for all sleeping positions but is specifically good for back sleepers of average weight.
For those combination sleepers who tend to toss and turn at night they will enjoy how this mattress does adapt to all sleeping positions.
There is some slight motion disturbance with the Happsy mattress so if your partner moves around at night you may feel it on your side, but it shouldn’t disturb your night’s sleep.
The Happsy hybrid mattress has very good edge support provided by the reinforced coils which means no ‘sinkage’ when you sit or lie down on the side of the mattress.
As the latex is a quick responsive material it gives the mattress added bounce which makes it conducive to sexual activity.

Purchase & Delivery Process

Once you select the relevant mattress you want, you then complete the easy online process for paying for the item.
Happsy offer finance packages through ‘Affirm’, with payment plans as lows as $80.00.
Shipping and returns are free within the contiguous US states, but charges will apply for deliveries to Alaska or Hawaii.
Delivery takes up to 5-7 working days and you will receive your mattress compressed in a box.
The company does not offer a white-glove delivery service but if you do require help with setup, they can put you in contact with their home delivery partners.
Happsy offer a free 120-sleep night trial and a 10-year warranty and the company have no brick-and-mortar stores or showrooms.
The company also offer an excellent customer service with phone and email support, video tutorials on their youtube channel and a descriptive FAQ section.
Happsy also maintain a blog which offers mattress care tips.