Level Sleep mattress was launched in 2015, it is a 10” mattress using patent TriSupport design.
The Mattress is an all-foam mattress constructed with a memory foam comfort layer and a high density polyfoam support core.
The mattress is fully constructed in the US with all materials used, sourced in America.
Level Sleep state, that the mattress will reduce pain and improve sleep, or you get your money back!

Sizes & Pricing

Level Sleep mattress are available in the following 6 sizes:

The twin mattress measures at 38” wide by 75” length and 10” in height.
The twin is priced at $799.00.
A perfect size for an older child who have outgrown their crib or toddler bed, or an adult living on their own.

Twin XL:
The twin XL adds an extra 5” in length to the mattress measuring at 38” wide by 80” length and 10” in height.
The twin XL is priced at $899.00.
More suitable to a taller individual who may find the ‘Twin’ a little cramped.

Full Mattress:
Level Sleep full size mattress measures approximately 54’ wide by 75’ in length and 10” in height.
The price for the full-size mattress is $1,099.00.
Suitable for a single adult who tends to toss and turn a lot at night or will work adequately for two adults.

The Level Sleep queen-size mattress measures approximately 60” in width by 80” in length and 10” in height.
The Queen is priced at $1,199.00.
A great size for couples to comfortably sleep on and the extra length is perfect also for taller individuals.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 10” in height.
Level Sleep price their king-size mattress at $1,399.00.
The King offers couples that personal sleeping space.

Cal King:
At the same price as the standard king $1,399.00, the Cal King offers an extra 4’ of length.
The Cal King mattress measures approximately 72” wide by 84” in length and 10” in height.
Giving even more sleeping comfort to taller individuals.


Level Sleep mattress is a 10” full-foam mattress made with two layers of high-quality and durable polyfoam.
The top layer is a comfort layer which is divided into three sections or zones which give differing firmness settings.
These zones of support work together to give back support by cradling the spine during sleep and the bottom base acts as a strong foundation for the entire body.
The head of the mattress is ‘soft’ to provide cushioning to the neck and shoulders, the middle of the mattress supports the spine and lower back, with the foot of the mattress providing support for the hips which can aid back alignment.
The mattress is 100% certified by CertiPUR-US which guarantees that the foams in this bed are safe and have passed rigorous emission and constructing testing.

Level Sleep use a TriSupport design with a comfort layer broken into the following 3 zones:

1. Comfort Layer:
The comfort layer is constructed using the TriSupport zoned design, the entire top layer is 3” of polyfoam broken into the following three zones: Head & Shoulder, Torso and Hip and Leg.

Head & Shoulder zone:
The upper layer of the comfort layer is made with soft, cushioning, polyfoam.
This is the softest of the three zones and the cushioning foam is designed to absorb the shoulders.

Torso zone:
This zone of the comfort layer is the firmest and constructed to support the lower back and side of the body.
Designed with the intention of fighting back pain.

Hip & Leg zone:
This zone was designed so that the mattress will absorb the users hips while still providing support to keep the legs aligned with the rest of the body.

2. Base Layer:
The base layer is 7” tall and it is made from high resilience polyurethane foam.
This layer works alongside the top performance layer to provide lasting support to the body’s pressure points.

3. Mattress cover:
The Level Sleep mattress cover has unique pattern and texture, incorporating a four-way stretch technology, using a synthetic blend to wick moisture away from the body.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The Level Sleep mattress as outlined above is created with a TriSupport with three zones – those three zones measured as followed in the firmness level from 1 to 10 as 1 being softest and 10 being firmest.
The ‘Head & Shoulder’ zone rated as a 2.5 and the ‘Torso’ zone is rated as a 5 and the ‘Hip & Leg’ zone as a 7 in the firmness stakes.
The torso zone provides a decent amount of bounce in the mattress.
If you are a back sleeper you should find that the Head & Shoulder” and “Hip and Leg” zones combine to cradle your hips and shoulder while also giving support to the back with full spinal alignment.
The base layer provides a nice pushback underneath the softer zones which makes adjusting the legs and shoulders a seamless task.
This mattress is specifically designed with back and side sleepers in mind however many users who sleep in different positions including stomach sleepers find this mattress excellent also.
This mattress allows very little movement given it contains motion near its source.
The foams in both the performance and base layers minimise heavy and light movements.
Upon a user sitting on the edge of the mattress, the mattresses top comfort layer does compress down but you can feel the bottom base layer engaging against the weight.
The mattress support on the side of the mattress is pretty-supportive but it does not have quite the same support that exists in the centre of the mattress.

Purchase & Delivery Process

Level Sleep mattress can be purchased online from the company website.
The company do not have any physical stores and the product is not sold at any brick and mortar locations.
There is 365-sleep night trial with a lifetime warranty and free shipping in the contiguous of the USA.
The product is available to be shipped overseas and Level Sleep Customer Service Dept. would be delighted to speak to any potential buyers about these details.
If you are not happy after the trial period with the mattress you can receive a full refund.
Level Sleep offer a white glove delivery service, with mattress setup and removal of old mattress.
The Level Sleep mattress is compatible with an adjustable base.