Between sleeping, watching Netflix, and relaxing, the average person will spend nearly half of their life in bed. With that much time devoted to our mattress, it’s no surprise that shopping for one is serious business. Finding the perfect mattress is akin to house shopping - it should be comfortable and suit your needs.
Springs are out, and memory foam is in. Nectar offers memory foam mattresses with features like adaptive cooling covers. It makes your mattress breathable and soft; essentials for a good night’s rest.
In fact, Nectar mattresses are 30x more breathable than other similar memory foam brands. Even better, they’re made with CertiPur foam - meaning no lead, TDCPP, or ozone depleters in the material.

Size and Pricing

Whether you’re in the market for a single or king-sized bed, Nectar has options for you. Competitive pricing makes it an easy choice if you’re looking to replace your old mattress.

Single - £399.20
Single beds are the smallest option at 90 CM x 190 CM x 25 CM. They’re popular for children and teens, or dorm rooms.

Small Double - £559.20
Small doubles measure 120 CM x 190 CM x 25 CM. These are good for guest rooms and caravan campers.

Double - £559.20
Double mattresses measure 135 CM x 190 CM x 25 CM - large enough for couples who don’t require a lot of extra bed-space. Doubles fit in smaller living spaces, but can still accommodate two adults.

King - £639.20
King-sized mattresses are ideal if you need extra space. At 150 CM x 200 CM x 25 CM, it can comfortably fit two adults, with room to spare.

Super King - £719.20
A Super King is the largest Nectar mattress available, measuring at 180 CM x 200 CM x 25 CM. It’s perfect for couples who find they disturb each other in their sleep. Or, just you and one (or six) pet companions.


The unique construction of a Nectar mattress is the secret to its success. Several components make up the mattress, and they put box springs to shame.

Positioning Base Material
The foundation of the Nectar mattress is the flame-retardant base material. It keeps your mattress from shifting on your bed frame - so even the most active sleepers won’t budge it.

7 Zone Supported Base
The turret structure of the base layer provides support where you most need it. Seven different zones of support mean your hips and your shoulders will get the amount of support they need. The high-density foam is durable and lasts longer than traditional mattresses.

Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam
This layer absorbs energy and contours your body, giving you a tailored-fit sleeping surface. It’s highly breathable and will keep you cooler than other memory foams can.

Smart Memory Foam
Dissipating heat and wicking moisture is this layer’s forte. The breathability of the 4th generation foam technology means no hot spots in your bed.

Adaptive Cooling Cover
The top of the mattress is an added means of drawing heat from your body. Every time you move, fresh air will circulate, ensuring you’re cool and dry during your sleep cycle. The adaptive cooling cover technology even works independently - meaning you and your partner will both experience comfortable temperature levels.

Firmness, Feel and Support

Nectar describes their mattress firmness as a 5.5-7.5 on the “firm” scale. This puts it in the ideal zone for the majority of people - not too soft, and not too hard. Goldilocks would approve.

If you could compare a mattress to a cloud, the Nectar mattress would be the frontrunner. Reviews describe the feel of the mattress as comfortable enough they’re barely shifting in the night. Some customers have been able to sleep in later than they have in years, thanks to the Nectar mattress.

The Nectar mattress shines in the support department. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers all report finding comfort and support with ease. The contouring provided by the mattress supports each body part just the right amount - no waking up with tense muscles or stiffness.

Purchase and Delivery Process

A new mattress is an investment - and a good mattress can be a big one. It can be stressful to spend money on something you can’t properly test, and most of us aren’t going to nap in the mattress shop.
Nectar has a solution for that. If you decide a Nectar mattress is worth a try, you can sleep on one for 365 nights risk-free. This means if after a year, you decide the Nectar mattress isn’t suited for you, you’ll get a 100% refund.
Delivery to your home is free with purchase and typically takes 48 hours once you’ve placed your order. If your residence is outside the 48-hour delivery area, you will be contacted with a delivery timeframe.
If you want your mattress delivered to a specific room and set up for you, there will be a small surcharge of £20.

Nectar UK

A Nectar mattress could very well be the last mattress you ever need to purchase. Nectar is so sure of this that they offer a forever warranty. This means that the constructions and materials are guaranteed for life. As long as you take proper care of the mattress, it should never need replacing.
Your Nectar mattress will surpass other brands with its edge-to-edge support, innovative cooling system, and advanced memory foam. It’s ideal for all types of sleepers, couples, and those with chronic pain issues. There are a host of reasons a Nectar mattress can be a good alternative to your old mattress.