Nuvanna was founded in 2017 the company believe their product can help people attain balance in their lives through better sleep providing a new level of restoration.
Founder Alvaro Vaselli has 20 years plus experience in the bedding industry and in product design.
Whilst Nuvanna are a new company they promise the customer by using the advanced world of mattress technology in their mattress products, you will get the sleep of your dreams.
Their combination of excellent design, quality materials, use of advanced technology all combined with a reasonable price point makes this one of the best mattresses on the market.
An all foam mattress the Nuvanna mattress is one of the fastest conforming and recovering mattresses on the market due to its uniquely engineered layers.
The company offer a 100-night sleep trail with a 10-year guarantee.

Sizes & Pricing

The Nuvanna all foam mattress is available in the following 6 sizes:

The twin mattress measures at 39” wide by 75” length and 10” in height.
The twin is priced at $550.00.

Twin XL:
The twin XL adds an extra 5” in length to the mattress measuring at 39” wide by 80” length and 10” in height.
The twin XL is priced at $600.00.

Full Mattress:
The Nuvanna full size mattress measures approximately 54” wide by 75” in length and 10” in height.
The price for the full-size mattress is $790.00.

The Nuvanna queen-size mattress measures approximately 60” wide by 80” in length and 10” in height.
The price for the queen-size mattress is $890.00.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 10” in height.
Nuvanna price their king-size mattress at $950.00.

Cal King:
At the same price as the standard king $950.00, the Cal King offers an extra 4” of length.
The Cal King mattress measures approximately 72” wide by 84” in length and 10” in height.

All Nuvanna mattresses come with a ten-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.
The mattress is available to purchase on the company website and on the amazon.com website.


The Nuvanna mattress is a tri-layer mattress crafted using a patented system with each layer thoughtfully engineered from the top layer to the bottom layer.
Constructed with the active individual in mind to aid with muscle recovery and to help revitalise with a restful night’s sleep after a busy day.
The three layers are outlined below which offer you a combination of a cool, comforting and supportive sleep.

Hybrid Adjustable Ascension Foam:
This layer is made up of 2” of phase change material.
Which is infused with innovative gel particles which are specifically designed to aid heat distribution within the mattress.
Heat is dispersed, which means the ideal sleeping temperature for the user all night long.
The phase change material is also more responsive then memory foam.
This highly adaptive comfort layer enables fantastic body contouring, cradling you completely throughout the night.

Equilibrium Layer:
This middle layer is 2” of memory foam which is designed to combat against motion disturbance.
It responsively isolates sleep movements enabling the user to feel continuous support and comfort without being disturbed by their partners movements.
A denser layer than the top layer which also helps comforts pressure points in the body specifically the lower back, shoulders and hips.
High-Durability Open Cell Foam:
This support layer is 6” in thickness and constructed with 1.8” of PCF high-density polyfoam which eliminates the quicksand, sinking feeling normally found in a foam mattress.
The mattress counterbalances the pressure of the weight placed on the mattress, eliminating any sinkage and giving a feeling to the user of being supported all the time.
A super supportive base foam which keeps the spine aligned throughout the whole night.

Mattress Cover:
The Nuvanna mattress cover is made of Tencel lyocell the most premium moisture-wicking fibres available.
It is eco friendly and botanically derived and the materials make it more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.
A quality breathable mattress cover.

Firmness, Feel & Support

The Nuvanna mattress is considered a ‘medium firm’ mattress with a rating of 6 on the firmness charts – with 1 being softest and 10 firmest.
This mattress offers fantastic body conformance and pressure relief with the responsive top layer and the memory foam beneath in play here.
It is suited to all sleeping styles be that side, back or stomach.
For those who suffer with spinal alignment issues, this mattress relieves most back pain for all sleeping positions.
It sways slightly towards the firmer side so some lighter in body-type side sleepers may find the mattress too firm for them.
This mattress minimises motion transfer so there is no sleep disturbance from sudden movements by you or your partner, it is designed specifically to absorb motion without compromising softness.
The mattress also performs well on edge support with the six-inch support layer giving the appropriate support, when a user sits on the mattress edge and is also very supportive for those who like to sleep close to the mattress edge.
You will however find some sinkage when sitting on the corners of the mattress, this is prevalent to all foam products.
The mattress gives a balanced feel and is more responsive than your normal all-foam mattresses, offering great support for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Purchase & Delivery Process

The Nuvanna mattresses are available to purchase on the company website and the amazon.com website.
Nuvanna don’t sell their mattresses in any brick-or-mortar stores.
The company also offers free shipping to the contiguous United States and delivery takes between 3-7 working days.
For those living in Hawaii, Canada, Alaska and Puerto Rico there is a $100 delivery charge.
The new mattress expands on its own and comes in a 3ft box which means it’s easy to navigate through your home to the appropriate room for setup.
Nuvanna offer a 100-night sleep trial plus a 10-year warranty period with their mattresses.
They also offer free shipping returns if you are not happy with the product.