OTTY is one of the UK’s most popular and innovative mattress manufacturers.
They specialize in Hybrid Mattresses that combine a perfect sleep with an affordable price point.
The OTTY Hybrid offers deeper springs and better support than the competition.
Additionally, OTTY Hybrid Mattresses come with a 100 Night trial period, including free collection and a full refund.
OTTY also provides a 10-year limited warranty for indentations or manufacturing issues.

Size & Pricing

OTTY Hybrid Mattresses come in 9 sizes.

The basic OTTY Single Hybrid Mattress is 90 centimeters (35”) wide by 190 centimeters (75”) long. It has a depth of 25 centimeters (10”).
They’re listed at £374.99 and often discounted by OTTY to £299.99.
It’s a perfect starter bed for children, adolescents, or petite single adults.

EU Single
The OTTY EU Single Hybrid Mattress is almost identical to the standard Single, at 90 centimeters (35”) in length and 25 centimeters (10’) in depth. However, it adds an extra 10 centimeters (4”) of legroom, with 200 centimeters (79”) in length.
Listed at £449.99, it is often discounted by OTTY to £324.99.
It’s an ideal choice for taller single adults or adolescents who need the extra room.

Small Double
The OTTY Small Double
features a comfortable width of 120 centimeters (47”), a length of 190 centimeters (75”) and a depth of 25 centimeters (10”).
With a list price of £549.99, the Small Double is often available for £349.99.
It’s a perfect mattress size for single adults that find the Single mattress too restrictive.

The OTTY Double Hybrid Mattress is wider, at 135 centimeters (53”), while conserving the length (190 centimeters, 75”) and depth (25 centimeters, 10”) of its single counterpart.
Listed nominally at £599.99, OTTY often discounts them to £399.99.
It’s a fantastic starter bed size for couples, or for adults who need some extra room.

EU Double
The OTTY EU Double Hybrid Mattress features a width of 140 centimeters (55”), and at 200 centimeters (79”) long, it has ample legroom. It has a depth of 25 centimeters (10”).
With a full price of £649.99, the EU Double is often sold at a discount at £449.99.
This take on the Double Mattress uses the roomier measurements that are more popular in the EU, providing a slightly more comfortable experience.

The OTTY King Mattress boasts a roomy 150 centimeters (59”) width, a slight increase in length at 200 centimeters (79”) and 25 centimeters in depth (10”).
Retailing at £699.99, it can often be found in OTTY’s website for £499.99.
It’s an ideal bed size for couples who need extra legroom and space to move around.

EU King
The OTTY EU King Hybrid Mattress has an extra 10 centimeters (4”) of width compared to the standard King, bringing the total up to 160 centimeters (63”). It also has another 10 centimeters (4”) of legroom, at 200 centimeters (79”) long, with the same 25 (10”) centimeter depth.
Its nominal price is £749.99, and it’s typically discounted to £549.99.
Fitting the most popular EU mattress size patterns, the EU King offers a midway point between the King and the Super King models.

Super King
The OTTY Super King Hybrid Mattress is a massive 180 centimeters (71”) wide and 200 centimeters (79”) long, with a depth of 25 centimeters (10”).
Marketed at a list price of £799.99, OTTY often discounts this model to £599.99.
The Super King is a perfect mattress size for families that spend lazy Sunday mornings together in bed.

The OTTY Emperor Hybrid Mattress is the largest mattress size the company manufactures. The Emperor features square measurements of 200 centimeters (79”) in width and 200 centimeters (79”) in length, and the same 25 centimeter (10”) depth as other models.
Its retail price is £849.99, and it can often be found discounted to £649.99.
It’s fit for very large couples, families, and anyone looking to host a small flat party on their bed.


The OTTY Hybrid Mattress is an award-winning design, the result of many tests and trials by OTTY founder Michal Szlas.
OTTY Hybrid Mattresses combine cooling blue gel-infused memory foam layers with encapsulated pocket springs and reflex foam.
They also integrate a number of features to improve the airflow around the sides and a detachable cover.
OTTY foam is CentiPUR, and Europur approved, and therefore, of certified high quality and nontoxic. OTTY products are also fully compliant with UK fire hazard regulations.
OTTY features a five-layer structure, balancing ultimate comfort, optimal back, neck and spine support and superior airflow & temperature control.

HD Base Foam Layer
The OTTY Hybrid Mattress base layer is made out of a high durability foam.
Designed to handle your distributed way and provide a solid support for the layers above.
The special foam material used by OTTY is claimed to last for years to come.

Airflow Side Support Layer
All around the OTTY Hybrid Mattress, a unique technological feature increases horizontal air circulation.
This way, OTTY Hybrid Mattresses improve temperature regulation, draining excess heat produced by the body during sleep.
The increased edge-to-edge sleep surface helps in cooling the mattress and evaporating excess heat faster through the night.

Encapsulated Pocket Springs Layer
Most mattress manufacturers on the market employ 2 centimeter (¾”) springs to provide firm support.
OTTY instead uses a layer of individually encapsulated, 14 centimeter (5 ½”) springs. They provide a medium-firm firmness rating while reducing motion transfer to a minimum.
According to OTTY, they can prevent you from feeling the tosses and turns of even the most restless bedmates.

High Density Support Foam Layer
The high density support foam layer sits between the encapsulated pocket springs and a layer of temperature-regulating memory foam.
It's composed of a specially formulated Reflex Foam, featuring increased density, firmness and support.

Temperature Regulation Memory Foam
A unique and innovative layer of memory foam infused with cooling blue gel combats the memory foam tendency to overheat.
OTTY states that this top layer provides extreme comfort and effective temperature regulation through the night.
Removable Washable Cover
A key issue OTTY wished to address in the Hybrid Mattress was the buildup of germs, dirt and pathogens.

Many mattress covers are plagued by these problems, which is why OTTY designed a fully removable and washable mattress cover. This ensures a clean and fresh good night’s sleep, every time.

Firmness, Feel and Support

OTTY Hybrid Mattresses are designed and manufactured with quality of sleep in mind.
Every element in the OTTY Hybrid Mattress structure is optimized to provide support, comfort, or heat regulation.
They’re called hybrids because they combine a spring system for firm support with foam layers for comfort.
The gel-infused memory foam top layer gives you a very comfortable sleeping surface that stays cool and fresh.
The memory foam provides excellent support for sleep in virtually any position, adjusting to cradle your contour.
Just below the temperature-regulating top layer, a higher density foam layer provides added firmness. It also distributes your weight evenly down to the springs.
The encapsulated, 14 centimeter long springs provide excellent spinal support, with consistent firmness and highly effective motion isolation.
Since the springs are encapsulated, their movement doesn’t affect surrounding springs, minimizing the effects and spread of motion.
All around the OTTY Hybrid Mattress unique airflow regulation technology aids in temperature control.
The OTTY Airflow Side Support provides an edge-to-edge sleep surface that increases the cooling rate and helps the mattress keep fresh.
Underpinning the layer structure sits a high density, high durability base foam layer that provides ample support.

Purchase & Delivery Process

OTTY makes it easy to cover the cost of a Hybrid Mattress, connecting you with 0%, interest-free financing.
Starting at £30 per month, financers approve over 98% of applicants, so the overwhelming majority of customers should face no hassle.
All purchases include free standard delivery to your doorstep, Monday through Friday. Premium, white-glove delivery is available for an additional £10.00-£50.00 
OTTY also provides a 10-year limited warranty and a 100 Nights trial period, with free pickups and full refunds.


The OTTY Hybrid Mattress is a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep. Comfortable, firm and supportive, OTTY makes a fine, fresh and cool mattress that won’t cost an arm and a leg.