Purple was founded in 2015 in Utah in the US and are one of the most successful retailers of mattresses in the market.
Specialising in direct-to-consumer sale of mattresses, Purple offer two mattresses which are very much different to the typical mattress you will find online or in a store.
In early 2018 Purple introduced three new models the 2,3 and 4.
Both the original Purple Mattress and New Purple use a proprietary buckling column gel in the comfort layer.
Providing a unique feel which is both pressure relieving and cool to sleep on.
The Purple mattress utilises a patented material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is unlike any other mattress material on the market.

Prices & Sizing

The Purple & New Purple mattress comes in the following five sizes:

Twin XL:
The Purple Twin XL mattress measures 38” wide by 80” in length and 9.5” in height.
This mattress costs $699.00.
The New Purple mattresses are at the higher price end of the market and a Twin XL costs $1,299.00 for the 2 model and is 11” in height.

The Purple full-sized mattress measures approximately 54” wide by 75” in length and 9.5” in height.
The price for the full-size mattress is $899.00.
The New Purple 2 model mattress Full size costs $1,499.00 and is 11” in height.

The Purple queen-sized mattress measures approximately 60” in width by 80” in length and 9.5” in height.
It costs $999.00.
The New Purple 2 model Queen-sized mattress costs $1,599.00 and is 11” in height.

The king-sized mattress is the largest of the four main mattresses.
It measures approximately 76” wide by 80” in length and 9.5” in height.
The Purple king-sized mattress retails at $1,299.00.
The New Purple 2 model King-sized mattress costs $1,899.00 and is 11” in height.

Cal King:
At the same price as the standard king-size the Cal King retails at $1,299.00.
With the additional offer of an extra 4” of length for good measure.
The Cal King mattress measures approximately 72” wide by 84” in length and 9.5” in height.
The New Purple 2 model King-sized mattress costs $1,899.00 and is 11” in height.
The Purple 3 mattresses range from $1,900.00 for the Twin XL to $2,700.00 for a King Size.
With the Purple 4 model costing even more ranging from $2,500 for a Twin XL to $3,500 for a King-sized mattress.
The New Purple model 3 is 12” tall while the model 4 is 13” in height.
These new models do not come in a Twin size and start at Twin XL size.


The original Purple mattress is constructed using three layers and the New Purple models are made up of four layers outlined below:

Original Purple Layers:
Base Foam:
The base layer of the mattress features a 4” layer of two-pound polyurethane foam providing the mattress with a solid support foundation giving the mattress its structure and shape.

Transition layer:
In the middle layer Purple uses a less dense layer of 1.8 pounds of polyurethane foam which is 3.5” thick.
This acts as a transition layer between the comfort layer on top and the foundation layer on the base.
Contributing to the firmness of the mattress and aiding motion transfer for combo sleepers.

Comfort layer:
For the top layer Purple uses a 2” layer of their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer material.
This is a springy material which has been scientifically engineered to provide pressure relief specifically in the shoulders and hips, the Purple brand call this ‘pressure erasing’.
This layer is highly durable and provides the mattress with comfort and protects the layers beneath.
This structure allows it to release and equalise pressure across the grid design which allows for an even distribution of weight.
The grid holds its upright form when pressure does not need to be released, creating an interplay between pressure and support which leads to some satisfying comfort.
The open-grid design gives the mattress breathability and plenty of airflow for cooling – the material is built to be “temperature neutral”.

New Purple Layers:
The New Purple’s models have the same 3 layers as the original Purple mattress but also include 7.5” of individually encased coils.
These coils serve as the true foundation for the mattress providing ample support and additional bounce.
The New Purple mattress models also include Purple’s patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer the thickness of the layer differs by model.
With the new 2 model using 2” of Hyper-Elastic Polymer and the 3 using 3” and the 4 using 4” of thickness of this gel/silicone like material.

Mattress Cover:
The original Purple mattress cover is soft and breathable and thin to allow airflow with temperature regulation by wicking moisture away from the body.
It is constructed using a blend of Polyester, Viscose and Lycra.
The New Purple mattress cover is also soft and breathable, the cover can be removed, but it should not be machined washed only spot-cleaned or hand washed.

Firmness, Feel and Support

The original Purple mattress scores a 6.5 in the firmness levels making this mattress a medium firm which appeals to most sleeping preferences.
It conforms extremely closely to the body’s sensitive points, such as your shoulders and middle of the back.
When it comes to motion transfer the Purple mattress eliminates motion to a fair extent and helps cut down on night time sleep disruptions.
The Purple mattress also improves spinal alignment throughout the night and targets pressure relief aiding a good night’s sleep.
This mattress is super-responsive and it returns to its original state immediately once pressure is released, which makes it easier to switch sleeping positions during the night.
The original Purple mattress provides the necessary support for both back and stomach sleepers, the user’s hips will sink down a little but not to the point where the spine is not aligned properly.
Whereas the New Purple models land on the firmer side of the spectrum with the model 2 the firmest, given it has the thinnest top layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.
The model 4 is the softest of the three models as it has a 4” thick layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.
With the pocketed individual 7.5” coils the new models are extremely durable and provide more support which might suit heavier sleepers.

Purchase & Delivery Process

This mattress can be purchased directly from the company website and Purple offer free shipping and returns to the contiguous US.
There is an additional fee to ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada but the Customer Support Dept. at Purple will be able to discuss this in more detail.
Purple offer a 100-sleep night trial with a 10-year warranty.
The mattress will arrive to your doorstep rolled up and compressed in a protective packaging rather than a box.