Saatva is an eco-conscious US company that uses environmentally friendly materials throughout their mattress.
An online mattress retailer which offers mattresses with three different levels of firmness catering for the sleeping needs of most people.
The company offer financing options and deliver directly to your door while also allowing the user to customise their mattress height.
Saatva offer an exceptional innerspring mattress composed of coil on coil layer construction.

Size & Pricing

Upon choosing a Saatva mattress, you must first select the comfort level you require for your mattress: plush soft, luxury firm or firm.
You then choose your mattress height, 11.5” inches in height or 14.5” inches in height.
Then you can select whether you require an adjustable base or a frame.
The Saatva mattress comes in the following 6 sizes and prices are also outlined below:

The Saatva twin is priced at $599.00. It measures at 38” wide by 75” in length.

Twin XL:
The twin XL costs $699.00 with an added 5” of length.
It measures at 38” wide by 80” in length.

Full Mttress:
The Saatva full-sized mattress is priced at $999.00. It measures 54” in width by 75” in length.

The queen-sized mattress costs $1,099.00 & measures at 60” in width by 80” in length.

Saatva king-sized mattress is priced at $1,499.00. It measures 76” in width by 80” in length.

Cal King:
The Cal king mattress measures 72” in width by 84” in length.
It is priced at $1,499.00 and adds 4” in length to the mattress from the standard king-size.

The mattress price will vary dependent on how you customise your mattress with a difference in price between the 11-inch and 14.5-inch Saatva height choice.
A foundation,adjustable base or frame can also be added to your order.
Saatva offer very reasonable prices for their luxury mattresses compared to market competitors.


For all mattresses be they organic or natural the same set of principles are used.
Eco-friendly materials are utilized by the manufacturer examples: latex, organic cotton, organic wool etc.
No harsh or aggressive chemicals are used in the construction of the product, the manufacturing process is organic.
Third party certifications such as Greenguard(Gold),Organic Content Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US can be found on organic or natural mattresses.
The Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress which uses memory foam to enhance its design, it combines wrapped comfort coils, foam layers and edge support and has a cotton cover.
The following layers are used in the construction of the mattress:

1. Foam Layer:
The layer of memory foam enhancement gives the mattress comfort and pressure relief with a continuous airflow.
This layer sits under the quilted cover.

2. Individually wrapped coils:
The Saatva mattress is designed with individually wrapped pocketed coils, which provides additional support for the mattress and added bounce as well as body support.
The coils also help to isolate motion meaning no disturbances from movements during the night.
The individually wrapped coils also eliminate vibration.

3. Support layer:
The support layer of the mattress comprises of steel coils which combined with the individual coils above help add to the bounce of the mattress and add to the mattresses pressure responsiveness.
This makes the user feel adequately supported.

4. Foundation layer:
High-density polyfoam makes up the last layer of the mattress, helping the mattress to keep its shape while acting as the mattresses edge support.
All materials used by Saatva in the construction of their mattresses are eco-friendly even though the mattress is not 100% organic.
The company uses eco-friendly bio-based foams and organic cotton coverings as well as recycled tempered steel.

Mattress Cover:
The Saatva mattress cover is an organic cotton circular knit top enclosing a euro pillow top which makes the cover soft and breathable.
A foam quilted cover gives the mattress an added gentleness whilst also adding to the mattress’ pressure relief.

Firmness, Feel & Support:

Saatva comes with three firmness options these include plush soft, luxury firm and firm.
If you prefer to sleep on your side or back and don’t carry much weight, the plush soft could work well for you.
If you or your partner switch positions during the night the luxury firm option may be best suited.
Or if you sleep on your stomach and do not prefer much sinkage then the firm option may be the way to go.
The Saatva mattress registers approximately 7 in the mattress firmness levels, making it a little firmer than the standard medium firm mattresses and offering good support.
Whatever your sleeping position, you shouldn’t feel that much sinkage within the mattress as weight is evenly distributed across the mattress.
The company has also implemented a foam encased anti-sage edge support system which offers additional support.
If the intensity of movement is not enough to engage the coil layer’s then mattress motion will be isolated. If the movement is intense enough to involve the coiled layer’s then motion will get transferred.

Purchase & Delivery Process:

Once you select the relevant mattress you want, you then complete the easy online process for paying for the item.
Saatva offer free shipping with the added bonus of white glove delivery as well as mattress removal.
The company does not charge a fee prior to day of delivery.
If the delivery runs later then delivery date agreed, Saatva gives you the option to cancel your purchase with a full refund.
Mattresses are delivered to the contiguous United States, if you reside in Hawaii or Alaska, contact Saatva via the live chat on their website and they would be delighted to provide you with a list of forwarders to complete delivery.
Saatva offer a free 120-sleep night trial and a 15-year warranty.