Simba mattresses are sure to be some of the best quality mattresses you have seen online. Our customers are always satisfied with their Simba products. We at Simba offer a wide variety of mattresses that are guaranteed to provide you with the comfort and support you need. Check out what we have to offer at our online store.
Simba offers some of the highest quality mattresses you can find online. We sell a variety of different style mattresses that best fit your needs. You can even try out one of our mattresses using our 100-night trial. We strive to provide satisfaction for all our customers searching for high-quality mattresses.

Size & Pricing

We offer our customers a wide range of mattress sizes to best fit their needs. Simba Hybrid Mattresses are composed of both bed springs as well as foam. Many customers enjoy this product due to its comfort and support. Simba Mattresses are offered to customers in a variety of size categories.

UK King
The Simba King Size Mattress measures about 150 cm wide with 200 cm in length and a 25-centimetre depth. 
The price of this mattress is £749. It is perfect for large bedrooms or your home guest room for friends and family.

UK Double
The Simba Double mattress costs less than the king-size at £649. The mattress measures at 135 cm in width, 190 cm in length and 25 cm in depth.
Slightly smaller than the king-size, this mattress is great for apartments and smaller sized bedrooms.

UK Small Single
A Simba Small Single Mattress measures approximately 75 cm wide by 200 cm in length with a depth of 25 cm.
The price for the Simba Small Single Mattress is £429.
This mattress is suitable for a single adult with tendencies of tossing and turning while sleeping.

UK Single
The Simba Single Mattress measures about 90 cm in width by 190 cm in length with a 25-centimetre depth.
At a price of £449, this mattress will work great for smaller bedrooms.

UK Small Double
Priced at £649, the Simba Small Double Mattress offers a 120-centimetre width by 190 cm in length with a depth of 25 cm.
This mattress has a slightly smaller width than the single mattress. This mattress will work great for bedrooms requiring more space for desks or chests of drawers.

UK Super King
The Simba Super King Size Mattress is one of the largest products we offer. It is priced at £849 and is great for a master bedroom in your house or apartment. 
It measures at 180 cm in width by 200 cm in length with a depth 25 cm. Be sure to scale your bedroom to make sure it is the proper size.

UK Emperor
An even larger mattress, the Simba Emperor size is measured at 200 cm width by 200 cm in length. This Simba mattress is priced at £949. 
Its depth is measured at the usual 25 cm. This mattress is great for adults looking to have the extra room to toss and turn while sleeping. It provides great support while still being comfortable for all body types.

EU Small Single
At £449, the European Small Single measures 80 cm wide, 200 cm long, and has a depth of 25 cm. Just as the previous UK sized mattresses, these mattresses are all based on Simba’s hybrid model.

EU Single
This mattress, which has a price of £499 is very similar to the previous. Its size is approximately the same, however the mattress 10 cm larger in width. Its dimensions are as follows: 90 cm in width, 200 cm in length, and 25 cm in depth.

EU Double
European size mattresses differ in size slightly from the UK mattresses. This mattress, however, is just 5 cm larger in width. The Simba European Double measure at 140 cm in width by 190 cm in length with a depth of 25 cm.  It is priced at £699.

EU Double L
This mattress size is approximately the same as the previous; however, there is a 5-centimetre difference in length. The Simba European Double L is great for taller individuals and more narrow bedrooms. 
Costing only £699, the mattress measures at 140 cm wide, 200 cm long and has a depth of 25 cm.

EU Queen
The last of European style mattresses is the Simba European Queen. Although the Simba’s UK mattresses do not offer a queen size mattress, it is very similar to the UK King. The EU Queen Mattress differs in width by only 10 cm in width from the UK King. 
The Simba European Mattress measures at 160 cm in width, 200 cm in length and the usual 25 cm in depth. This product costs £799, which is an excellent price for a product of this size.


Simba offers high-quality mattresses specially designed to give customers of all sizes comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. Simba’s hybrid mattresses are constructed with high-quality foam and over 2500 extremely light springs that provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. Our mattresses are engineered to fit the needs of all people. Simba mattresses are firm yet are equipped with breathable material to help keep you cool while you sleep.

Purchase and Delivery Process

Simba offers free shipments for deliveries and returns of our high-quality mattresses. We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our purchase and delivery process is designed to assure you of our companies confidence in the quality of our products. Go online today to schedule your free delivery of any of our mattresses and other products.
Our customers can rest assured that Simba mattresses are one of the best quality mattresses on the market today. You can try one of our mattresses using our free trial of 100 nights. We also offer customers of any of our mattresses our ten-year guarantee if our product does not live up to its expectations.

Final Word

Simba strives to offer the best for its customers. Our high-quality mattresses come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Our products are also backed by a free trial and 10-year guarantee to assure you of our confidence in our mattress quality. Check out the website online for more information.